Hairstylist Sohea is rated 5.0 out of 5 stars, based on 3 reviews!

Awesome haircut and dark blue color thanks to Sohea! Her technique is on point and price is reasonable too! Highly recommend!!!
- R.N.


Sohea is a THEE best!! I've been to many different hair stylists but I swear to God none of them have been good as Sohea! Found her on Yelp and she was able to get me in the following week after contacting her. I really appreciate her patience and the questions she asked to make sure she knew what I wanted. This is the FIRST time I've had a stylist actually ask me questions about what I wanted. Usually I just show them pictures and they do it then it turns out to not be what I wanted. You can tell Sohea really cares about her clients and wants to make sure they're happy! The price is more than fair for her level of talent! Thank you Sohea!!
- Jocelyn C.


I've struggled with getting a good haircut in the city for a while now. I had almost a year's worth of uncut hair due to covid that I didn't want to bring to my old usual places. I also knew I had to get a haircut soon or else risk having to wait even longer in case covid restrictions get stricter.
Finally took the plunge with Sohea since I liked how she cut male + asian hair. She did an awesome job and left me with my favorite go-to style.
Perfect WFH hair. I no longer need to wear a headband and no longer look like a bum. I swear I look 5 years younger, too.
- Rodolfo Y.

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